Why Your Involvement is a Benefit to YOU

The Missoula Midtown Association (MMA) has been in a ‘build-the-core’ mode in recent years since (re)formation in 2015 and has now begun ramping up efforts to increase membership. People often ask why they ought to join, and I believe that at the end of the day – regardless of personal background or line of work – we’re all really looking for the same things: we want connection, we want a sense of purpose, and we seek growth. To me, getting involved in organizations like the MMA is an ideal way to fulfill each of those human needs and desires.

Our monthly social events provide an inclusive opportunity to engage with one another in a casual environment perfect for forming new friendships and perhaps even business partnerships.

Members are encouraged to contribute opinions on the issues facing our districts or simply offer ideas for improvement. Our collective voice can make an impact; and, the more of us willing to participate in those discussions, the more likely we are to inspire change that genuinely represents the interests of the folks in Midtown.

Finally, when we join together to share ideas and resolve issues, we will foster improvements to help build a real sense of place for Midtown and create a quality experience, not only for this current generation but also for the neighborhoods, residents, employees, and visitors in this area for decades to come.

Thank you for being a member of the Missoula Midtown Association and for your commitment to the vitality of our community!

by Tyrell McPherson
Secretary, Missoula Midtown Association
Business Support Specialist, Territorial-Landworks, Inc.