Missoula Design Excellence Project

Missoula: a place like no other

Nestled in the Missoula Valley, framed by mountain ranges and nourished by three rivers, the City enjoys a unique setting with a distinctive sense of place. Its eclectic character and quality of life are valued by all. Much of the built environment also is distinctly Missoula. Many buildings speak of the City’s roots and its role as an early commercial center. These reflect use of regional materials and practical ways of building. Residents describe the built environment of Missoula as eclectic and low-key. And they note it is a collection of neighborhoods, each with its own special identity. These are aspects that the community values and seeks to retain. While much of Missoula exhibits these features, some buildings have appeared over the years that are less distinctive and bear less resemblance to the character of Missoula. These design guidelines are intended to promote design that is compatible with the City’s design traditions.

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