Midtown Master Plan Whitepaper

In January 2020, due to unprecedented and exhilarating growth in Midtown Missoula, and in anticipation of more changes to come, the Missoula Midtown Association (MMA) adopted strategic goals calling for the creation and implementation of a Midtown Master Plan. Recognizing the pressing need for cohesion around a vision that embraces our existing character, encourages equitable development, and promotes healthy urbanism, the Midtown Association formed a whitepaper committee to lay out the path to make a Midtown Master Plan a reality. The committee, which is made up of both MMA board leaders and members, convened virtually and met with community leaders over the summer of 2020. The whitepaper is broken up into four sections: goals, project scope and cost, Midtown Association structure, and interview findings.

Even amidst the pandemic, Midtown is growing rapidly. Without a community plan for the area, we risk being caught flatfooted when market demand for development increases beyond our community capacity to manage it. A haphazard approach to revitalization will likely lead to frustration for developers and local officials as well as poor outcomes for current residents or gentrification that pushes them out of Midtown altogether. A well-developed plan created through an inclusive process will offer predictability and preserve the qualities we love about Midtown.

Take a look at the Midtown Master Plan Whitepaper by clicking HERE and stay tuned as we progress on this exciting path, focused on the vision and future of our beloved Midtown Missoula.

The Missoula Midtown Association is seeking to hire a professional Executive Director. Details can be viewed HERE.