Midtown Master Plan Development Update

The Midtown Association is gearing up to collaborate with the community on a Midtown Master Plan to articulate a community-driven vision for our area. The plan will inform public investment and policy; create predictability for private investment; and improve quality of life and generate business in our area. We are fortunate in Missoula to have a great road map in place from our sister organization, the Downtown Association. We believe our process will be similar but customized for our unique area.
The master planning process will have 5 steps:

  1. Publishing a Whitepaper that illustrates the goals, timeline, structure, and budget for a master plan – this summer
  2. Fundraising – this fall/winter
  3. Assembling the steering committee, planning team of consultants, leaders, and partners – next spring
  4. The master planning itself – summer, fall, and winter of next year
  5. Implementation

Step #1 is in progress. In addition to detailing the goals, timeline, structure, and budget for a master plan, we are seeking to identify key stakeholders, perhaps like yourself! Our goal right now is to gain insight from community members and leaders to shape our process. We are interviewing Missoulians and asking broad questions like what makes Midtown unique and important to Missoula? As well as more narrow questions like who else do you think should be involved in this process?

If you would like to be interviewed or join the white paper committee, please click HERE to let us know.