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Employee-owned SCHEELS was founded in 1902 and is now a 30-store operation with stores in 13 states
including North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Nevada,
Illinois, Utah, Kansas, Colorado, and Texas. Currently, Steve D. Scheel, the great grandson of SCHEELS
 founder, is the company’s Chairman of the Board, and great-great grandson Steve M. Scheel is CEO.
Todd Anderson serves as President and oversees SCHEELS daily operations of more than 9,000

The Missoula SCHEELS opened in October 2021 featuring a 119,000 square-foot shopping experience,
marking the third SCHEELS location for Montana. The Missoula team is led by Store Leader Dan White.
SCHEELS strives to be the best retailer in the USA, in the eyes of its customers, associates and business 

2901 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 59801