Missoula Midtown Association: Your Voice in Action

As President of the Midtown Association, I value the opportunity to champion our mission to promote healthy business, quality of life, and quality of place in Missoula. I believe our efforts today will result in measurable successes afforded to the next generation of Midtowners that live, work and play in this community; that is the prism that is looked through when we engage as an association to influence plans and policies shaping the future of the Midtown district. Providing opportunities for the next generation is at the core of our mission, and our hope is that the work we do will result in the opportunity for those raised in Missoula to remain here and obtain gainful employment with the ability to raise their families in one of the greatest cities on earth. 
To be an effective organization and advocate for solutions that impact Midtown Missoula and our community at large, we need a strong voice. That strong voice comes from a robust and engaged membership of businesses and residents alike. We have intentionally positioned our organization to grow and represent this voice through established working committees, signature events, membership recruitment, and community engagement. We currently have 50 members consisting of residents, businesses, and non-profit organizations, and our numbers are growing.  
We believe there is intrinsic value to becoming a member of the Missoula Midtown Association, including community promotion, news and information updates, networking and camaraderie, and effective advocacy, all focused squarely on enhancing the livability of the Midtown district.
If you are currently a member of the Missoula Midtown Association, thank you for your support and engagement. If you are not a member and would like to become engaged, check out our website and join us for our monthly Midtown Mixer to see what we are all about. Our next Midtown Mixer will be at OnX Hunt located at 1926 Brooks Street.

Mark Bellon, P.E.
President, Missoula Midtown Association
President/COO, Territorial-Landworks, Inc.

Tremper Family Announces Kent Avenue Project

The Tremper family has recently announced the renovation of their newly acquired 1200-1210 Kent Ave. property, located across the street on the North end of the Tremper Shopping Center. After many years of deferred maintenance, it was time to bring this property up to Midtown Missoula’s new standards.
The redevelopment project will provide 21,191 square feet of updated space including a second story at 1210 Kent Ave. Additional parking will be created with the removal of the Grimebuster’s building. All retail and office spaces will have storefront access creating bright, usable spaces. 
As you can see from the architectural rendering below, this 1980’s strip mall will be transformed into an exciting new contemporary plaza. The new design will significantly change the streetscape, upgrade the pedestrian experience, and dramatically change the Brooks Street corridor look and appeal.
Tremper Shopping Center, Missoula’s First Shopping Center, was opened in 1958. They are a third-generation corporation with Montana roots that run deep. After Tremper Shopping Center renovations were complete, they were excited to continue revitalizing Missoula’s adjoining areas.
Inside deconstruction is underway and in the coming year, there will be exciting new changes visible from the exterior as well.
For leasing inquiries, contact Paul Burrows at Professional Property Management, 406-721-8990.

Community First Care Trempers Shopping Center

Community FirstCare in Missoula is changing the way patients access non-emergency medical care. They provide easily accessible online check-in and a wide-range of walk-in care services such as treatment of sprains & strains, cold & flu, vaccinations, and sports physicals. Designed to get patients in, get them treated and on with their day with little to no wait time.
“People are busy and have become comfortable scheduling everything from their restaurant reservations to hair appointments online – why should medical appointments be any different,” said Apryle Pickering, Director of Community FirstCare. “Our goal is to have an empty waiting room, where patients no longer need to sit and wait to be seen.”
For follow-up care, they are affiliated with Missoula’s premier health system, Community Medical Center. Insurance is accepted and affordable self-pay rates are available. Located downtown and Midtown Missoula in the Trempers Shopping Center.

Member Spotlight: AlphaGraphics Missoula

Alphagraphics started in 1965 as Gateway Printing and is now located on South Avenue with a satellite location on campus in the University Center, which is also open to the public. Their mission is to meet the needs of their customers as they see them by offering products and services that they consider the best value in a way that demonstrates sales professionalism, customer service excellence, and operating effectiveness. They aim to make their customers consistently satisfied, to ensure that planned outcomes are met and that the team is proud of their accomplishments. Alphagraphics specializes in all forms of visual communications. The company started in the staple business of commercial printing and has evolved into large format, vehicle wraps, promotional products, digital production and mailing services. They offer full-service design, web design, and support.
Alphagraphics is people-oriented and their professional staff makes the difference. They take pride in people being able to come into their facility to touch, feel and work face-to-face in an environment that provides excellent customer service.
Alphagraphics is a family-owned business that is currently developing its third generation of family ownership. They have 32 full-time employees in Missoula and they are also part of a global franchise group. The Missoula team received the company’s highest honor with the 2018 Franny Award, for the most outstanding franchisee in recognition of being the best-run business in all areas and a tribute to a proven record of contribution to peers and the entire Alphagraphics Network.

Why Your Involvement is a Benefit to YOU

The Missoula Midtown Association (MMA) has been in a ‘build-the-core’ mode in recent years since (re)formation in 2015 and has now begun ramping up efforts to increase membership. People often ask why they ought to join, and I believe that at the end of the day – regardless of personal background or line of work – we’re all really looking for the same things: we want connection, we want a sense of purpose, and we seek growth. To me, getting involved in organizations like the MMA is an ideal way to fulfill each of those human needs and desires.
Our monthly social events provide an inclusive opportunity to engage with one another in a casual environment perfect for forming new friendships and perhaps even business partnerships.
Members are encouraged to contribute opinions on the issues facing our districts or simply offer ideas for improvement. Our collective voice can make an impact; and, the more of us willing to participate in those discussions, the more likely we are to inspire change that genuinely represents the interests of the folks in Midtown.
Finally, when we join together to share ideas and resolve issues, we will foster improvements to help build a real sense of place for Midtown and create a quality experience, not only for this current generation but also for the neighborhoods, residents, employees, and visitors in this area for decades to come.
Thank you for being a member of the Missoula Midtown Association and for your commitment to the vitality of our community!

by Tyrell McPherson
Secretary, Missoula Midtown Association
Business Support Specialist, Territorial-Landworks, Inc.