Membership Engagement Survey


Dear Missoula Midtown members, stakeholders, neighbors, and partners, the purpose of this engagement survey is to allow you an opportunity to provide your input on issues impacting Missoula Midtown.

WHO WE ARE – Mission Statement

The Missoula Midtown Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, enhancement, and accessibility of the midtown area as it relates to businesses, residents and the community. Its goals are to provide resources and information related to the success and growth of a healthy business community and to enhance the quality of life and quality of place for visitors and residents alike.

WHY WE EXIST – Value in Membership

  • COMMUNITY PROMOTION – Support the Midtown community through sharing local news, business announcements, milestone celebrations, and promotion of activities that stimulate economic development.
  • NEWS AND INFORMATION UPDATES – Members will be informed directly, or through the Association’s website and social media, of news that affects Midtown about local events and resources.
  • NETWORKING AND CAMARADERIE – Opportunities for businesses and residents to engage at social events that foster supportive relationships within the Midtown community, especially those with potential to develop partnerships or coalitions.
  • ENHANCE LIVABILITY – Elevation of Midtown’s visual appeal, through promotion of pedestrian-friendly streets and business frontage, which support a clean, healthy, and safe environment.
  • EFFECTIVE ADVOCACY – A voice in shaping opinion around critical issues to Midtown that can be presented by the Association in discussions on infrastructure, events, and topics significant to Midtown.


  • Become a Member: complete a membership form or sign up on the website:
  • Attend a Midtown Mixer – Get on our email list and invite others to our monthly event
  • Join an MMA Action Committee – We can use your help, and this is a great way for you or your staff to get engaged with the Midtown community.


  • Submit Feedback through our Website:
  • Provide Input at a Mixer – Speak with a Director or submit an idea onto our Mission Board
  • Survey Engagement Form – Please share your Ideas, Suggestions, Opportunities, Issues, Concerns on anything that impacts Midtown on page two of this document. We will collectively compile all input and synthesize a priority list of issues to focus on. This list will be made available to the membership with reports on progress.